Peace, Love, and Dream

Peace tank- Brandy Melville
High-waisted shorts- Forever 21
I was very lucky to be able to do another shoot with the wonderful and talented Shabnam Ferdowsi! (Like her facebook here:
I’ve looking for the different individual pieces that makes up this outfit for a while. I came across the Peace (☮) Brandy tank LAST SUMMER, but I was being dumb and didn’t buy it and have regretted it all the way till I bought this. As for the high-waisted shorts, I just wanted to try them!
Shirt- Brandy Melville (the one I wore here)
~ Chasing the wind ~
I’ve got to say, the “peace” theme this outfit resonates with my current state of mind. I’ve been going to a good amount of concerts recently, and I’ve got to say, music has played such an important role on my life. 
Here’s my current fav ♥ :

A new start

New hair cut! In Chinese tradition, people would usually get a hair cut before the coming of a new year to cut away the bad luck of the past year to welcome the new year. Well, it’s not Chinese New Year, but I just wanted a new look. Hopefully, the same rule will still apply :p After all, it is spring! 
On that note, summer is just around the corner. That will only leave one question. What am I going to do?
Well, I am still in the process of sending out my applications and resume. I can’t wait to explore the world of PR. I’m hoping to get an internship in New York. In one of my past posts, I mentioned that it would be a dream to work in the Big Apple. Well, last night, as I sent out some of my last applications, the desire has flooded me stronger than ever. So I’ve decided to make a pinterest board. Only a city like New York deserves its own board. 
See it here!  
Until next time,

A Chance to Pamper Myself :)

all the goodies I got from my gift bag!
Hey all, you better believe it. I am back ♥ 
Having just spent one of the most memorable and hectic spring breaks, I’m really glad it ended with an opportunity for me to pamper myself.
If you follow me on my social media today, twitter @joanneinazoo or Facebook you could see that it was pretty much all filled with my experience at the Pamper Me Fabulous Event. So the team and I was honored to be invited to this event, AND GET PAMPERED! This is a new experience for me, as my focus in the past have been mainly clothing/trends. Blogging about a beauty-related topic is an unexplored territory. But I do appreciate the ability to venture into this new territory.
We’re a part of the Media! and we got media goodie bags.
The purpose of Pamper Me Fabulous is for girlfriends to come together to nurture the mind, body and spirit and to spending some quality time with each other. So, I was so glad I was able to enjoy this experience with fellow blogger May from Summer In May.  
Getting my eyebrows threaded

My first stop was at the Ziba Booth to get my eyebrows done. Today was actually the first time I got my eyebrows threaded. I’m not gonna lie, it was a painful experience. My tear ducts were uncontrollably secreting these liquids–I guess you can call them tears. In other words, I was bawling like crazy, and just didn’t want to admit it. #noshame (I guess). But it turned out nice in the end, and I was SO THANKFUL for the cooling creme. It was a pretty nice deal from Ziba Beauty, it was $12 for the threading and I got a GORGEOUS purple eye-shadow pencil for free! They also had so very pretty eyeliners as well.    
Also, there was a TALENTED free-hand Henna artist as well! Her work was beautiful. 
Naturally, once I got my eyebrows done, I headed over to the benefit booth and asked for a demo to fill in my eyebrows. The beauty expert was Tabitha, and she did a fabulous job as I loved my eye-make up for the rest of the day!
Last stop, getting my portrait taken by Julie from Camera Creations!
Overall, I really enjoyed the event. Especially because I had great company and I got lots of free swag. I definitely recommend going to it if it ever goes to a town near you!
The admission for this event is $40. In addition to the Bazzar (which is where all the booths are located at) and the goodie bag mentioned, there are activity areas where you’ll be able to attend yoga lessons, as well as an expert corner where some very famous speakers give information sessions in the areas of their expertise. For example, today there’s one session where Dr. Sunder talked about how to age gracefully. 
Pamper me fabulous started in 2008, and it goes on annual tours to various cities. The next stop will be in Dallas, and that won’t be until May 19. Once it makes its way throughout the major US cities, it will return again in LA in November. 
Just visit the website if you would like some more information and check out my facebook/twitter for what I did as I went through the event. 
Also, if you’re really interested you can get 20% off your ticket if you buy it online at using the code “PMFLA
Who knows, maybe I’ll see you at the next event when it comes back to LA?
P.S. One of the sponsors for the event, Tan Towel, (one of their samples was included in the goodie bag), has given me an opportunity to share with you a discount code for their products.
Use the code “BLOGTT” for 20% off all products on ~ enjoy!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

I love you to the moon and back

Paris, Je Tame

Paris, Je Tame by joanneinazoo featuring bracelets jewelry

Happy Valentine Chic Day! 
In honor of this day of love, I’ve created two sets. Two very different styles. 
The first was inspired by the Brandy Melville tank with the saying “I love you to the moon and back.” So the set has a more edgy and relaxed vibe–perfect for a walk on the beach or near the pier!
As for the second set, I’ve been actively pinterest-ing and came across this lovely photo of Eiffel Tower, so I went for a more elegant and classier look. This dress is from ASOS, and the shade of red really adds the pop for the Valentine’s celebrations. The Louboutins were just something I found on polyvore. The red soles complements the dress, yet it’s not too much red. 
Have an awesome Valentine’s Day and a terrific Single Awareness Day, too. Enjoy and cherish the day whether you’re single or in a relationship!
Joanne Valentine Chic

Upon A Hill Across The Blue Lake…

Here’s a good listen that inspired this post’s title :)

Cardigan with elbow patch- Forever 21
You can faintly see the valley in the back as I stood on top of a hill, hence the title. However, this is Los Angeles, unfortunately, there is no blue lake. 
This is just a mini-post. The other day, I was just goofing off in the 626, and my my friend Pheebs from Phoebe Pan | Photography (like her page!) decided to document our fun adventures in this mini-shoot. Check out her flickr:
Now that’s a friendship photo!
And if you’re familiar with the 626 area code, you know there’s something even more fun than scenic backdrops, and that’s food! The Fungbros can contest to that! 626, young wild and free~~
Strawberry and Mango ice from Class 302
Beef noodles from Bull Demon King
Hope you had fun on the adventure with me in the 626 ;)
Come back on Thurs for a Valentine’s Day post. Only on Valentinechic. Get it?

Whitney Port Keynote!

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of attending keynote given by a USC alumnus, Whitney Port, presented by the USC career center and USC Spectrum.
Most of us knew Whitney from the MTV reality show The Hills. But ever since the show, like LC, she’s made a lot of successes–from being a humanitarian to a designer who had launched a very successful clothing line. 
The keynote address was a short because more time was planned for Q&A’s but I was really inspired by this video:
Since I in Alpha Phi Omega, which is a service fraternity. I was quite awed by the fact that so much could be done to help the community on a worldly bases through fashion!
Though I found the keynote address to be exciting, I’ve got to be honest. I wasn’t too thrilled by her attitude when I lined up to take a picture with her and have the opportunity to discuss my blog and our mutual interests in fashion and serving the community… Maybe it was a tiring day for her.  

Indie Chic

Shirt, China 
Floral pants, American Eagle

I’m back! This is both Shab and mine’s first shoot of 2013! Woohoo, this calls for a celebration. But before we break out the champagne, you MUST indulge yourself with the beautiful artistic talents that is Shabnam Ferdowski!  Don’t forget to like her Facebook Page and Flickr! Shab just came back from her semester abroad in Italy. Trust me, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by visiting ;)
As for these floral pants…I’m taking a huge step towards being bold!! Living up to those resolutions! Coming up with this outfit was quite difficult. Little did I know, finding the matching top for those pants was hard. But I was glad I was able to find this shirt that was able to continue the indie vibe. 
I’ve been looking for this necklace ever since I saw it in China. Yes, it’s the same one I wore for the Halloween post. I’m so glad I found it at the flee market!
And yes! That’s me doing the weird dance in the middle of the streets of the fashion district. #noshame. Well there’s more to my weirdness! I was actually doing the peacock dance! Complementing my necklace ;)
I got my Diana F+ when I came across a special Groupon deal. It’s been fun playing with it. Can’t wait to see how they will turn out! 
Knee-high riding boots,
Last but not least, my new knee-high boots! I’m SOO glad i found these ♥. I took a risk and got the 8.5 (when I’m usually a 9). They fit like Cinderella’s glass slippers (sorry for the cheesiness :p)
P.S. Be sure to check out Shab’s works :)

2013 Fashion Resolutions!

Happy 2013 Everybody!

Since it’s already 2 days into the New Year, it’s time to start making those resolutions.

I’ve recently read an article on one of my favs, whowhatwear, and it gave me a super good idea! Fashion resolutions! After all, this is a fashion blog :)

Here are the resolutions from whowhatwear:

1. Wear more color

This is an applicable resolution for me! Looking back on my wardrobe, I don’t have a diverse color palette, so I really do need have more pops of color!

2. Shop within my budget

This won’t make my list. I am very conscious of my spendings, and I rarely splurge. But it is something good to keep up!

3. Up the accessories game

Another one that won’t be making it on my list. I LOVE accessories, ALL kinds. I feel like they’re that period at the end of the sentence. I would always finish off my outfits with a necklace, bracelet or rings. But still, gotta up that game!

4. Take more fashion risks

Now that will be one that will definitely be on list! The foundation of valentinechic is built upon developing an alter ego of a Valentine Chic that will be trying on wild and exciting outfit that’s out of Joanne’s usual comfort zone. Well 2013 will be the perfect opportunity to take more of these risks!

5. Invest in Classics

I love classics! So that won’t be on my list since I love going back in time for the simple looks :)

6. Upgrade my Office Wordrobe

Haha, wish it applies to me!

So here’s a finalized list of Fashion-resolutions, some borrowed from whowhatwear, and some other new ones of my own!
  1. Wear more color
  2. Take more fashion risks
  3. Blog more! And about more various topics.
  • With school, APO, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. But with a new year and a new attitude, I’ll be posting more!
  • Have more DIY posts
    • Of course, to be familiar with the fashion world, research is essential. That is why I get over 30 emails every morning all from my subscriptions. But I feel like that is hardly enough! This industry is so rapid and every changing, it’s very important to stay in the game.
  • Attend more events. 
  • That’s all that I can think of for now! Come back tomorrow for a very exciting PR post :)

    Christmas in Viva Las Vegas :)

    Happy Holidays!

    My favorite time of the year would absolutely have to be Christmas. It’s a time of eating food, vacationing with the family and admiring pretty decorations.

    One vacation destination for the Zhu family is usually Las Vegas. This Christmas was no different! Even though my being underaged limits the activities I can do in this city the never sleeps, I always love coming back and enjoying everything Sin City has to offer.

    Always love Bellagio’s Garden!
    As for food, now that’s what people come to Vegas for! Buffets, and Earl of Sandwich. For my past SF travel posts, you probably noticed that food does take up a great percentage of my travels. I must have gained a million pounds from the buffets and from every other meal as well. But of all the food I ate during this Christmas, Earl of Sandwich is my ABSOLUTE favorite. In fact, it’s my favorite sandwich shop of all the sandwich places I’ve been to. 
    The Holiday Sandwich

    The Original
    Lastly, since there aren’t that many things I can do other than walking down The Strip and taking tourist photos because I’m not 21 yet. One thing I always do is curling up in bed and watching the Christmas story. 
    Remember this? “You’ll shoot your eyes out!” 
    So how did you spend your Christmas! I’m excited to hear :) Anyone going after-Christmas shopping?
    Merry Holidays!
    P.S. Read more about what I wore in this post

    Tis the season for holiday parties!

    Christmas time is just around the corner, and you know what that means…Christmas Parties! 
    I got my LBJ from a while back. It is a sleeved boatline cut backless dress, but because it fits a bit loose, I need the jacket :p Though black may not be the right color for a holiday party, you can always use accessories! 
    For this look, I have a statement piece necklace. But, if I were to wear this outfit to a holiday party, I would have added either a red belt or a matching rhinestone belt to give it the holiday feel!
    Did I mention how much I love the leather jacket? My mom got it for me in China. It’s a feminine with a bit of the edge that comes with the leather. 

    And here’s a look at the backdrop at night! I’ve done a shoot here before, but the church is absolutely BEAUTIFUL at night. 
    Happy Holidays :)
    Joanne Valentinechic